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The lure body is made from 3 layers of birch plywood. The hooks are made by Mustad. The color patterns/textures are printed on 4 Mil TerraSlate Waterproof paper.
If a few dabs of superglue are used in-between the plywood pieces and three or more coats of sealer are used, the lure should last for many seasons; as long as any wooden lure.
They do indeed catch fish! Since testing began, we have caught rainbow, brook, and brown trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, fallfish (chub), pickerel, and landlocked salmon with our lures.
As with any fly or lure, there are many factors that determine what fish can be caught. Water temperature, conditions, size and color of local forage fish, etc. Use your judgment!
Not at all! We had almost 200 kids build free lures at the Maine Sportsman Trade Show, some as young as five! The first lure takes about 4-5 minutes, the second about 3 minutes, the third, 1-2, and well, you get the idea.
They ride in the water like a streamer fly. They can be
  • trolled
  • cast with a fly rod (they cast rather like a wooly bugger)
  • cast with a spinning rod, if weight is added to the line
  • jigged
My personal favorite method is the slider fishing. Check out this classic video to learn more.