Introducing Laz’R Lure!

Laz’R Lures are a fast, easy, and highly rewarding way to get into the world of making fishing lures. You open the kit, pop out the pieces, put them together, and fish it!

The Streamer Series of lures is actually based on well-known streamer fly patterns:

The Worry Wort (Warden’s Worry)
Your Sharona (Miss Sharon)
The Mick Pocket (Mickey Finn)
Casper’s Beard (Grey Ghost)
Ken’s Winnebago (Kennebago Smelt)
The Boss Man (Supervisor)
Spectre Noir (Black Ghost)
Mini Mud (Muddler Minnow)
The Hobbit’s Foot (Matuka)

1/32″ Plywood Parts Sheet